Ather Department


L. Dyudenko - the head of the
audio recording study of KSSMS.

A great work in the fixed time and out-of-school hours conductes experienced worker Lyubov Dyudenko in the audio recording study. The pupils of school have the opportunity to listen to the world and Ukrainian classical works in full.

A position of practical psychologist at school held by Anna Ivakina. This service has ihe task to study how a child cognizes and perceives the difficult world of knowledge, social relations, other people, how the becoming of idividuality happen.

Many years psychological work is carried out in different forms: psychological advising, conversations, trainings, psychological inspections, supervision after pupils in different situations. For all persons interested in the ps room there is a school psychological library.

L. Sergiyenko -
the head of the school library.

School library is obligatory structural subdivision of the educational establishment which carries out the informative, cultural and elucidative providing of educational process. The library has a comfortable reading-hall, subscription and a large book depository, which is equipped with catalogues and card indexes. Liliya Sergiyenko is the head of the library since 1960. Thanks to her tireless work the sizeable funds were formed (96278 copies). Librarians Tamara Zhumenko and Nadiya Tkach work in concord. Today the library is one of the best among the similar libraries of the secondary musical educational establishments of Ukraine.

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