Department of Wind Instruments

Teachers of the Wind instruments Department.

The Department of Wind Instruments is headed by the soloist of the National Opera orchestra, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, assistant professor Volodymyr Turbovsky (flute class). At the department work professors Volodymyr Apatsky (bassoon class), Oleg Kudryashov (flute class); senior teachers of the NMAU Oleksandr Blinov (percussion instruments), Yuriy Vasylevych, Mykhaylo Mymryk (saxophone class), Yuriy Dondakov (bassoon class), Vasyl Pylypchak (french horn class); teacher-methodologist, Candidate of study of art Valeriy Posvalyuk (trumpet class);senior teachers of school Grygoriy Davyskyba (trombone class), Mykhaylo Kosyakov, Grygoriy Kozdoba (trumpet class), Oleksandr Samoylov, Volodymyr Shlyahtych, Ivan Pendyshchuk (clarinet class), Mykola Dyesnov, Oleksandr Shcheglov (oboe class), Valeriy Tytarenko (percussion instruments); teachers Larysa Plotnikova, Yelyzaveta Tcheglakova (flute class); Leonid Polunin (clarinet class and class of chamber ensemble), Mykola Stanislavsky (french horn class), Victor Duldier (class of chamber ensemble).

Almost 10 years Sergiy Solonko is the artistic leader and the conductor of pupils' symphonic and chamber orchestras. Their repertoire consists of prominent works of foreign and Ukrainian classic music. A symphonic orchestra gave performances in Germany, France, Holland and Japan with success.

Sergiy Solonko and Natalia Kanaryukova head the symphonic conducting class.

The symphony orchestra of school.
Conductor S. Solonko.

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