Special cycle
A. Zhukov,
the head of the special cycle of school,
Honoured Culture Worker of Ukraine, teacher
-methodologist of the Theoretical Department of KSSMS.

Avgust Zhukov, Honoured Culture Worker of Ukraine, experienced methodologist, is the head of the special cycle of school. He has been working at school since 1986 and always improves teaching and educational process, which is aimed at rising of the creative and professional level of pupils. A. Zhukov is an initiator in the creation of new programs. Three times he improved the curriculums of the special cycle, twice he worked out the standard regulation for the secondary music schools of Ukraine. The regulation and curriculum for the preparatory group's work, the regulation about the criterions of estimation according to the 12-th mark system at the special cycle for the SSMS of Ukraine were worked out by him. A. Zhukov always popularizes school role in the development of musical art in the mass media.

The teachers of the special cycle work at the following departments: the Piano Department, the Violin Department, the Stringed-bow Department, the Department of wind instruments, the Choral Conducting Department, the Department of Chamber Ensemble and Accompaniment, the Department of general and special piano, the Theoretical Department.

Many graduates of school honourably present the Ukrainian musical art abroad.

Studying at school lasts 11-12 years at all mastery specialities and musical-theoretical subjects, at the classes of the choral and symphonic conducting, class of composition and also (for the children of preschool age) at the preparatory groups. Pedagogical and educational process, in this way, occupies children and teenagers of all age categories. Symphonic and chamber orchestras, the boys' chorus, the girls' chorus are also created at school.

The system of the professional musical education differs by its flexible individual approach to every pupil and bears contemporary achievements of Ukrainian and foreign pedagogics, prominent pedagogical experience. The purpose of teaching preschool aged children at preparatory groups is to indicate musically gifted children and prepare them to the contest, which is always held before enrolling to the first form of school. Simultaneously competitive admission to the 2nd - 9th forms is held with the purpose of selection of the most gifted children from all regions of Ukraine.

Education at school is conducted not only by the staff teachers, many of them have already created famous author's schools, but also leading musicians of Ukraine-by the soloists of the National Opera House and the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, the National Symphony orchestra.

Teachers and pupils of school make huge concert and educational work, systematically perform at the most prestige concert halls of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. By the way, concertional and performing practice is the harmonic component of educational process at school: public performances promote the formation of professional mastery and artistry of young musicians, bring up artistic will and help to adjust artistic youth to the conditions of its future professional activity. Performances of pupils who are laureates of the International Contests began conventional at the residence of President of Ukraine.

The pupils of school performed at the most prestige concert halls of Russia, France, Germany, the USA, England, Italy, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and other countries. Young musicians from France, Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany and China were studying and training at master-classes of teachers of this school. The prominent symphony orchestras of Ukraine, the USA, Hungary, Italy accompanied to the best pupils of school. The artistic collectives of school (orchestra, chorus) gave performances in many countries of Europe and in Japan with great success. During last few years a lot of persons from abroad wanted to study at our school, particularly from Chinese People's Republic and South Korea.

* * *