General cycle

S. Grytsenko - deputy director of the
general cycle of school, teacher-methodologist
of Russian Language and Foreign Literature

The indisputable advantage of KSSMS named after M. Lysenko is combination of the special musical education with the general one.

Today a general cycle is headed by a teacher-methodologist Svitlana Grytsenko. 20 years ago she came to school the teacher as a teacher of Russian and foreign literature, she also has the diploma of teacher of Ukrainian and literature. During her school activity, S. Grytsenko conquered the authority among teachers and, taking into account the wishes of colleagues, she was appointed on position of deputy director. Working at this position, S. Grytsenko pointed the work of general cycle at the comprehensive assistance to the young musicians on the receiving of valuable secondary education. That's why twice the adapted curricula were developed for the secondary special music schools of Ukraine. Repeatedly she propagandized the achievements of school in the mass media.The general cycle under the direction of S. Grytsenko sends its educational work to harmonious collaboration with the special cycle. They create the most favourable conditions for pupils fof education and mastering of their profession.

The general cycle is an integral part of the education of future musicians at all stages of school's development. A cycle numbers five methodological unities. The experienced teachers and young teachers are their members.

During its existence the general cycle constantly perfected its achievements taking into consideration specificity of school. Taking into account the considerable loading of pupils, the humanities became priorities. Exactly they assist to comprehensive and harmonious development of such personality as musician is. The special curriculum of general cycle is the result of long researches and works of the experienced teachers of school. It gives a chance to the pupils to get valuable secondary education and without the losses master a profession.

An exceptional place in the achievements of general cycle occupies work with the especially gifted pupils. They have the opportunity to work according to the individual schedule. Considerable engagement of pupils does not hinder to continue and multiply school traditions. Among them are: work of the theatrical circle under the direction of teacher of the highest category Galyna Kharytonchuk (Ukrainian language and literature), literary evenings under the direction of teacher of the highest category Sergiy Zdanyuk (ukrainian language and literature), literary dramatizations at the lessons of foreign literature, .lead by teacher of the highest category Larysa Grytsenko. The festive occation "Gold autumn" is annually conducted under the direction of teacher of physical education Maryna Lavrova. The teacher of the highest category Tetyana Datsenko (history) conducts excursion work with pupils. An interesting study-museum of the Ukrainian mode is created by teacher Oksana Velychko. •Teacher of physical education Sergiy Savchenko is the permanent organizer of school New Year's holidays which are also conducted in a very unusual form.

English lessons lead by teacfier of the highest category Oksana Yosypenko are marked by Jhe high methodological skill-fulness. Senior teacher Nadiya Stefanyuk proved that it is possible to use musical terminology at me lessons of mathematics.

Many years of life gave to school such teachers as Galyna Novytska, Galyna Lototska, Alia Punina.

Special place in work of general cycle occupy teachers of primary school Maryanna Dombrovska, teacher-methodologist Valentyna Shabotenko, Galyna Udot, Tetyana Burova. They must find the special approach to the refined souls of talented children.

Teachers share their researches on the pages of every methodological edition, which is appeared at school.

Young teachers Lesya Trushyna, Liliya Zhurakhovska, Valentyna Voloshyna, Natalia Lagur, Tetyana Arshulik harmoniously joined the ranks of the general cycle. They continue and multiply traditions of school.

S. Zdanyuk - Ukrainian Language
and Literature teacher of the highest category

G. Kharytonchuk - Ukrainian Language and Literature teacher
of the highest category, the artistic leader of the theatrical circle.


L. Grytsenko - teacher of Russian Language and
Foreign Literature of the highest category
during literary dramatizations at the lesson.

At the lesson of physical education.
Teachers M. Lavrova and S. Savchenko.

* * *