Біографія М. В. Лисенка

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The ARCHIVED REFERENCE 15.02.85 №07-69

Music school for the especially gifted children will get organized attached to the Musical Theatre insti-tute named after Lysenko. This year 45 children will accept to school. Some children will get a grant.

Grounds: newspaper "Bilshovik" /organ of Kyiv City Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and city council/, August 27,1934.

Director of archives L. Yakovlyeva. Senior archivist O. Kalinina.

Central Archives Department attached to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Central State Archives of higher organs of government and management of Ukraine.

The ARCHIVED REFERENCE 11.04.95 №07-130

The newspaper "Proletarska Pravda " /Kyiv / № 228 /3830/ for October 3, 1934 reports that after reor-ganization of artistic education in Ukraine, in Kyiv the All-Ukrainian state conservatory is formed in composition of technical school and music school for children.

Grounds: Proletarska Pravda., 1934. -October 3. -Page 4.
Kyiv secondary music school named after M. Lysenko is founded in 1934 on the base of the Kyiv con-servatory named after P. Tchaikovsky.

Grounds: Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia, the second edition, -Kyiv, -Volume 5.-Page 126; 1982. -Volume 7. -167.

Director of archives L. Yakovlyeva.
Archivist of the 1-st category L. Zakharchuk.


Soviet of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR and Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, November 30, 1944. Kyiv.


On -March 23, 1942, 100 years passed from the birthday of the Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko.

Military days of 1942 have done impossible the perpetuation of the memory of the great composer. In connection with the liberation of Soviet Ukraine from the German invaders Soviet of People's Com-missars of the Ukrainian SSR and Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine resolve:

1. To name Lviv State conservatory, Kyiv State secondary music school and Kharkiv State Opera and Ballet Theatre after M. Lysenko.

2. To set the grants named after Lysenko for the especially gifted students and graduate students in such educational estab lishments:

a) Kyiv State conservatory - 3 grants in 400 roubles.

b) Lviv State conservatory - 2 grants in 400 roubles.

c) Kyiv secondary music school - 5 grants in 200 roubles.

d) Poltava music school - 2 grants in 200 roubles.

Chairman of the Soviet of People's Commissars of Ukrainian SSR M.HRUSHCHOV.

Secretary of the Central Commitee of the Communist Party of Ukraine D.KOROTCHENKO.

Міжнародний благодійний фонд ім. М. Лисенка

Photo archive


The first building of the Music ten-year secondary school in the Musical Lane
(the end of the 30-th of the 20-th century).
The leadibg proffesor of the Kyiv Conservatory D. Bertie, S. Kaspin, A.Khimlchenko, K.Mikhailov, F.Drozdo-Polyakov, A.Yankelevich.

К. Mikhailov

A. Lufer


  G. Neigauz and K. Mikhailov

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