About school

Workers of boarding-school.

KSSMS named alter . Lysenko is situated in the picturesque Kyiv's Syretsky Park on the area of 4.5 hectares. It has two three-storeyed buildings by an area about 4 thousand square metres. Educational buildings have 80 class-rooms, 30 rooms for individual trainings, gymnasium.

KSSMS is also the educational establishment in which talented children from all Ukraine and for the last 2 years - from China and South Korea study and live in boarding-school.

Boarding-school is a four-storeyed sleeping building by an area about 2.5 thousand square metres. An own dining-room with 375 seats operates for the pupils of boarding-school. The pupils get four meals a day. The meals are free of charge. The task of workers of boarding-school is to create for children the atmosphere of comfort. Senior educator of boarding-school Tetyana Kuzko has done much work for children. Under the initiative of T. Kuzko rooms, in which pupils live, rooms of the self-training and rest were arranged. New furniture was bought. Children are taught to live in new conditions of life independently. They spend their spare time interestingly too. Children visit concerts, theatres and museums with educators. They organize interesting evenings in the apartments of! boarding-school. Educators Natalia Mukha, Larysa Guglya, Svitlana Kostenko, Nadiya Vasilyeva, Svitlana Zaytseva, Lesya Shaporenko, Natalia Begma, , Natalia Yavorska, Natalia Yesaulenko, Alia Dmytriyenko help senior educator in realization of all interesting undertakings. Professional help to the primary school's pupils of boarding-school is given by teacher-coach Antonina Kazantseva.

Comfortable room in the boarding-school.

A medical room functions in the apartment of boarding-school. The nurse Serafyma Grygorenko arranged it with love. There the pupils of school can get the first medical aid and advice of specialist. All necessary inoculations are done in time, pupils are sent to the specialists for consultations.

L. Lagdyshchuk - deputy director
of adminiatrative and house-hold work.

25 years Lyudmyla Lagdyshchuk works as an unchanging deputy director of the house-hold work at school. This sensitive and responsible woman never sets aside a problem. Current repairs are made in the educational rooms, the economic basis of school is renovated regularly. The school yard is always clean. Much attention was given for the equipment of boarding-school and dinning-room; the school gymnasium was overhaul. During summer holidays the house-hold department under the direction of L .Lagdyshchuk prepares for the beginning of academic year.

The work of the economists occupies the important role in the school administrative activity. The planning of the school budget, timely payment of wages, financial account, recalculations and many other duties come into the range of Valentyna Dzhenkova's activity, skilled chief accountant.

In spite of its long history school appears today as the educational establishment of a new type in which j traditions and contemporary methods of teaching, high professional potential of teachers and gift of pupils are harmonically composed. School today is central in 1 Ukraine. Passing the 70-years way of becoming and development, it grew into the centre of skilled musical education not only in Ukraine, but also in abroad fittingly asserting the glory of home musical culture and multiplying its traditions. Young musicians that today fill classrooms are future of musical culture of independent Ukraine. Our hopes for the future are embodied in them, the twenty first century carries of cultural merits of Ukraine. Those who have to continue the^ work of masters of European musical art are among these talented young people. But it is already clear today that this responsible task they will complete successfully.

F. Bonder - tuner of the keyboard instruments of school.
. Kobylyansky - the head of the workshop
on the repairing of musical instruments,
master-restorer of the stringed instruments.

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